Friday, January 09, 2009

Business Reason for More Software Quality

In a world where most code is unnecessarily complex, much of the time of any software developer is just plain wasted. Assuming that a developer uses two hours daily going through some mysterious source code isn't too far fetched. The code can be his own, the details of which he has long since forgotten, or as in most cases, the code might be written by somebody who hasn't quite followed the Good Principles of Coding and instead has produced a confusing pile of programming language statements thrown carelessly together in the desperate hope that testing will take care of any problems in it. The code could have been simple and easy to extend, read and understand, but - alas - that is once again not the case. How come I'm not the least bit surprised? If we had a way of making the source code simpler, our poor developer would probably only need one hour instead of two for achieving the same. With an hourly rate of 50€, we are talking about a monthly saving of 1000€. For each developer.

Tick-the-Code is such a way and DayTick is the training course for it.

How much would you be willing to pay for a training course that saves you 5,000-10,000€ each month? (For a group of ten trainees.)



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